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Your dream
Merchandising Team...
at a fraction of the cost

at a fraction of the cost

Winning at the shelf is about staying in stock, gaining incremental placements, executing promotions, driving velocities, and differentiating from the competition where your customers shop.  Getting this right sounds like a dream. But with Dirty Hands, that dream becomes reality.

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Say Goodbye To

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Out of Stocks

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Failed Promos

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Having Zero Shelf Visibility

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We have natural food experts in the field every day ensuring that your brand doesn’t miss any opportunities. We visit more stores, and we visit them more often than anyone else so that your product not only survives the shelf… it thrives on the shelf.

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The Best Brand Ambassadors for Your Product, Hands Down.

At Dirty Hands, we limit our portfolio so our team can focus on quality over quantity. This allows our team of field experts to be your number one fan in store when speaking with important decision makers. As one of the longest standing natural food merchandisers, we have the relationships you need in stores to get the job done.

 Over 3,500 Store Visits Each Month

We visit more stores than anyone else in the industry so your brand benefits from more relationships, more placements, more orders, less out of stocks, and less voids. Dirty Hands doesn't hire gig workers or 1099s to get the job done. We hire a staff of dedicated team members to show up every day on behalf of your brand to ensure you get the best possible service in store.

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Building Relationships at Store Level

Our team is in stores 7 days a week to grow deeper relationships with decision-makers.
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New Placements & Facings

 Get off shelf with more real estate so shoppers can find you.
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Filling Voids

At scale, voids bleed brands of thousands of dollars a day. Be in all the stores you're supposed to be in.
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Promotion Execution

Drive trial with shoppers through price relief. And make sure promotions actually get executed in all stores they should.
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Real Time Shelf Data

Know the shelf in real time. Become shelf intelligent. And leverage the knowledge to crush competition.
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Store Education & Sampling

Build an army of ambassadors at the point of purchase.

Local Experts at a National Level

Local Experts at a National Level

Our teams are split up by region so your brand gets access to the local expertise of a small firm but across thousands of grocery stores nationwide.

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Think Your Brand Could Use a Hand?

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