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Connecting Headquarters to Shelf

Our one-stop-shop approach means you'll have access on a national level to both retail sales and merchandising support. This means strategic guidance, distribution planning, promo planning, sales management, and so much more -  all under one roof.


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Say Goodbye To

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Poor Promotional Planning

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Unaddressed Distributor Problems

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Being Just a Number in a Portfolio

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Authorizations that Don’t Hit the Shelf

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Missed Review Cycles & Retailer Pitches

Say goodbye to the old school way of selling your brand in headquarters – too many brands and not enough people to actually do the work. The result? Brands aren't getting what they're promised, opportunities get missed, and programs don't get executed. At Dirty Hands we do things differently. As the only national brokerage with a full service, high frequency merchandising team, we have our eyes, ears, and hands on your brand at all times.

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The Best Brand Ambassadors for Your Product, Hands Down.

At Dirty Hands, we limit our portfolio so our team can focus on quality over quantity. This allows our team of field experts to be your number one fan in store when speaking with important decision makers. As one of the longest standing retail support companies, we have the relationships you need to get the job done.

Full Service Brokerage Solution

Our team members visit more stores than anyone else in the natural food industry. We do this so your brand gets better relationships, more placements, more volume, more ordering, less out of stocks, less voids, and anything else your brand needs to succeed.


We help brands determine the right path to retail by developing sustainable sales plans that avoid costly decisions.
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Through key account management and Retail Sales Teams calling on stores daily, we are able to get your products into more stores. 
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The only national natural brokerage with a full service, high-frequency merchandising team.
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Our team helps you choose the right path to get to shelves based on your unique situation. We have deep experience with distributors of various sizes and specializations and know who to use for what and when.
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We help you navigate which distributor programs makes sense for your brand. We know how much to spend and where to spend it. 
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Each brand is assigned a sales manager who will work with you to develop your sales strategy and communicate results. Your brand won't miss a beat.
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Local Experts at a National Level

Local Experts at a National Level

Our teams are split up by region so your brand gets access to the local expertise of a small firm but across more than 5,000 grocery stores nationwide.

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Think Your Brand Could Use a Hand?

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