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Where does your brand need support?

Our teams are split up by region so your brand gets access to the local expertise of a small firm but across more than 5,000 grocery stores nationwide.

Local Experts at a National Level

Local Experts at a National Level

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Connecting Headquarters to Shelf

Our one-stop-shop approach means you'll have access on a national level to both retail sales and merchandising support. This means strategic guidance, distribution planning, promo planning, sales management, and so much more -  all under one roof.

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Broaden Distribution

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Reduce Out of Stocks

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Increase Placements

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Velocity Growth

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Product Launch Support

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The Best Brand Ambassadors for Your Product, Hands Down.

At Dirty Hands, we limit our portfolio so our team can focus on quality over quantity. This allows our team of field experts to be your number one fan in store when speaking with important decision makers. As one of the longest standing natural food merchandisers, we have the relationships you need in stores to get the job done.

Results We Can Guarantee

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View Results after 30 Days

90% Reduction in Voids
285% Avg Unit Promo Lift
6% Distribution Gain

View Results after 60 days

325% increase in

Secondary Placements at Whole Foods Market

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View Results after

90 Days

150 Voids ID'd & Filled

+15% in Dollars per Store per

Week Growth

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View Results after 6 Months

2,200 Void Fills

+35% MOM New Placements

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View Results after

1 Year

380 Added Distro Points
90 New Placements

630 Voids Filled

Think Your Brand Could Use a Hand?

Our brand partners get more store visits than anyone else in the industry. Whether it's brokering, field sales, or merchandising - we've got you covered at a national scale. No more worrying about out of stocks, promotions, or even getting on a shelf in the first place.

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