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From Shelf Doubt to Shelf Confidence

From Shelf Doubt to Shelf Confidence

Dirty Hands is your expert in brand building. Our brand partners get more store visits than anyone else in the industry. Whether it's brokering, field sales, or merchandising - we've got you covered at a national scale. No more worrying about out of stocks, promotions, or even getting on a shelf in the first place.

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We’ve seen the struggles of CPG Retail, firsthand. 

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A brand is approved to be in store.

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Their products never make it to the shelf.

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The brand finally hits shelves.

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They can't get off shelf and through the register.

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The brand begins to build velocity.

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They run into constant out of stocks.

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Promotional calendars are locked in.

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The promos aren't executed in store.

You Don't Win in Retail if You're Not Willing to Get Your Hands Dirty

Winning at retail is a marathon, not a sprint. To win, you need to stand out in store. It requires you to be better positioned, more in stock, with stronger visibility to shoppers as compared to your competitors… Over time.

Luckily, with the right hands on your brand, anything is possible. 

Connecting Brands to Shelf in Over 5,000 Stores Nationwide

With over 85% of the industry's sales happening at physical grocery stores, and an average of over 35,000  products carried in each store, we understand how important it is to stand out on the shelf. That’s why we show up to more stores more often than anyone else - so you always have an edge on your competition. 

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Our Services


We service more stores with more visits than anyone else in the industry. Start getting into more stores, expanding shelf space, gaining off shelf placements, and growing velocities at Retail today.


The only national natural brokerage with access to a full service, high frequency, field merchandising team in the industry. We get your brand into more retailers with the right distribution partners and drive velocity through retail execution.

Common Pain Points We Solve for Our Brands 

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I’m constantly going out of stock. And my top sellers are never available.


Trusted by Hundreds of Brands

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Vital Farms
Regional Sales Manager

Dirty Hands has been instrumental in gaining new business and creating awareness of our brand within the independent natural channel. From the first month we began working together, the team was delivering results. For brands that don't have feet on the street, or could use some more, Dirty Hands is an excellent sales and merchandising partner.

Once Upon a Farm
Senior Director of Sales

We have found the Dirty Hands partnership to help us dramatically improve stock levels and shelf availability for Once Upon A Farm. ...Our work with Dirty Hands has helped us maintain normal replenishment on shelf and has helped us considerably with secondary displays. We appreciate the partnership with DH, it's been really exciting and has really driven velocity for Once Upon A Farm.

Mid-Day Squares
VP of Sales

Dirty Hands has been a key partner of ours in effective market launch and execution. They have been my go-to to help identify and fix gaps enabling even more growth for our business. Not to mention they are just good humans at their core and an absolute pleasure to work with.

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

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With the Right Hands, Anything Is Possible

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We Know This Industry Like The Back of Our Hands

Download our Guide to Winning at Retail and Get a Step Ahead of Your Competitors

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